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Efficient protection against annoying insects

The company ISP-Zurisee was founded in the year 2002, it is specialized to protect the living space from insects and prossess their own manufacturin plant. We produce all insect grids custom made for windows, doors and light shaft for cellars individually for every object there. The frames of all insect grids are all made of aluminium, inside with corner angle bonded and grouted for an high stability. The benefit of the indigenous production is that delivery times can be reduced a lot. On the other hand, the company can respond all colors to a lower price. Furthermore there is a big flexibilty of options, variations and special requests given.

100% Swiss-Made in Swiss Quality.

ISP-Zurisee is the leading manufacturin plant for insect grids custom made with the biggest range of products in switzerland.


Two short video clips to give you a little insight:

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If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us!