No more cleaning of light wells!
No more bugs, spiders, mice, frogs,
leaves and dirt!
The frame profile is very flat
and folded back on the sides, provided with a stainless V2A steel net.
This system is accessible and can also be used for foyer and terrace areas.
LS mit PalmenmS
Lichtschachtabdeckungen22 The installation takes place
on your existing grate and can be equipped with a brush on uneven surfaces.
 Therefore waves in plaster and ground unevenness is not a problem.

In cases of extreme load it is possible to use an additional perforated plate made of stainless steel.

Suitable in driveways or in front of garages.
The optical inhancement rounds it off.

Lichtschachtabdeckungen24 Each single item is custom made
and can be adjusted to your
personal requirements and wishes.
Special shapes complement the range.
Chrome steel net pressed
 in aluminium frame.