Plisse for small and big openings
 the clever solution by  ISP-Zürisee


- up to 3,5 metres width in one piece
- up to 7 metres with central locking
- very slender, only 25 mm "thick"
- up to 3 metres high
- very silent
- no tripping hazard

The new plisse is available up to 3,5 metres width without a sash bar!

Plissee22  Plissee23
The plisse from ISP-Zürisee is perfect for big winter garden doors, even for small openings if there is not enough space available to slide a solid frame or to swing a sash.
Plissee24  Plissee25
To open or close the plisse
you have to push it like an accordion.
Due to the very slender version (25 mm) the plisse can also be installed in narrow places.
Plissee27 The clever solution from ISP-Zürisee can be
...one time very wide
.......and the next time very slender  Plissee28